Comprising of full time consultants the medicine department of this hospital is one of the strongest in this Area and comparable to most medical colleges. We are capable to provide prompt consultant level care to medical emergencies of all shades and also offer round the clock cover. Radiology department, non-invasive cardiology, dietitians and physiotherapists. We are capable of giving comprehensive care to patients with wide spectrum of diseases.

CBCD Clinic

CBCD stands for Chhabra Hospital, BP, Cardiac & Cholesterol, Diabetes clinic.

Provides a much needed comprehensive clinic for patients with lifestyle diseases. Electronic record keeping ensures a permanent record of history, investigations and treatment of these patients which would be invaluable at the time of any emergency. This clinic is functional 6 days a week during OPD timings.

Services & Procedures

1. Critical Medicine

It is the Speciality that involves the management of patients with life threatening frequently complex medical illnesses in a specialised Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Chhabra Hospital is providing critical care services with state of the art 5 bedded ICU. All beds are equipped with multi-channel physiological monitoring system, allowing close monitoring of patients from bedside. ICU caters all critically ill patients having dysfunction of one or more organ systems including the Cardiac, Pulmonary, Hepatic, Kidney and GI systems.

Procedures are the endotracheal intubation, Central Venous Cannulatuion, Lumbar puncture, Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, and Percutaneous tracheostomy. All kinds of Poisonings & Snake Bite patients are being successfully managed at Chhabra Hospital.

2. Diabetes Mellitus & Endocrinology

The Department has experienced consultants, who supervise comprehensive assesment of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetic patients for microvascular & macrovascular complications. The workup includes Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c), 24 hour urinary proteins & creatinine clearance, urinary microalbuminuria, newer insulin analogues, oral anti diabetes drugs and new lipid lowering drugs are being used. Chhabra Hospital has also started AGP (Ambulatory Glucose Profile) which is an non – invasive technique , which measures 24 hour blood glucose levels for 14 days to monitor glycemic control. Other hormonal distrurbances like Thyroid disorders both Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism, Growth retardation, Hypogonadism and Infertility are well managed at Chhabra Hospital as per recent standard protocols.

3. Cardiology

Chhabra Hospital is proud to provide all Cardiac Care facilties starting from basic Intensive Care to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) in colaboration with the most skilled team of the country from Aakash Healthcare, New Delhi. The care & treatment is/will be as good as the best anywhere in the world.

    1. Electrocardiogram
    2. Echocardiography
    3. Tread Mill Test
    4. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)
    5. Holter ECG ( 24 hour ECG Recording
Preventive Cardiology

The dedicated team at Chhabra Hospital aims to make an early diagnosis and treatment of patients who are at risk of cardiac illness.

4. Pulmonology

Chhabra Hospital is equipped with latest machines to carry out various pulmonary function test and has expertise in giving respiratory support with different modes and equipments. The diseases that we encounter commonly in our population for which chest medicine services required are :

Asthma, Bronchiectasis,Tuberculosis, Chest Trauma, Pneumonias,Pneumothorax, Pleural effusion, Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy, Lung Cancer, Sleep Disorders, Allergies & Respiratory failure due to various causes

AMH offers comprehensive sleep study to patients having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and assist them in using Bi-PAP/ Non Invasive Ventilator support (NIV).

5. Nephrology

Chhabra Hospital will be emerging as a leading centre for management of Renal problems by collaborating with Aakash Healthcare in establishing state of the art dialysis unit. The centre will have separate units for Hepatitis B & C positive patients. Regular dialysis facilities will be available in the centre beside emergency dialysis round the clock. 24 Hour casuality services will be available. All the patients are seen by resident doctors on duty and admitted if needed. A consultant supervises all the services round the clock. Chhabra Hospital is planning to have interactive programmes at regular interval to educate about prevention & retardation of progression of renal failure in patients of pre- dialysis, rehabilitation & counselling for patients on Renal Replacement Therapy.

6. Neurology

Chhabra Hospital offers a very comprehensive Outdoor facilities on one hand and round the clock emergency services on the other, to cater all categories of Neurological Disorders like Strokes-Ischemia,Thrombotic or Hemorrhagic, Dementia, Meningitis,epilepsy, Parkinsonism. It is backed by our very strong and state of the art Intensive Care Unit and department of Critical Care Medicine. There is a connected Anant Healthcare dedicated CT Scan and MRI Unit for immediate diagnosis of Stroke. Thrombolysis in Stroke Management is available at AMH for patients reaching with in golden hour. EEG is also available for diagnosis of Epilepsy.

7. Liver, Gastroentrology , Pancreatic – Biliary Services

The various thrust include cirrhosis of liver, liver diseases in pregnancy, ileocecal diseases, Acute or Chronic liver failure, viral hepatitis. Treatment of Hepatitis B & C is available as per recent standard protocols.

8. Rheumatology

The physicians at Chhabra Hospital have a good clinical expertise in diagnosis & treatment of various disorders such as Rheumatology Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Progressive Systemic Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis. The patients are treated with disease modifying drugs as well as latest biological therapy.


HIV positive & AIDS patients are treated in the hospital. ELISA, CD4 Count and Viral Loads are outsourced for diagnosis, managing opportunistic infection anti-retroviral therapy as per national guidelines.

10. Hematology

Various blood disorders including Nutritional & Hemolytic Anemia & ITP are treated at AMH. Bone marrow Aspirations and Biopsies are being routinely carried out at bed side.

11. Infectious Diseases

Treatment of all tropical and vector born diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Enteric Fever, Gastroenteritis are well managed at Chhabra Hospital.

12. Adult Immunization

Immunization of all adults who are immuno suppressed ( Diabetic, Patient on Dialysis, Bronchial Asthma) are routinely vaccinated with Typhoid, Pneumococcal, Influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines.